•     November 1967


     •     10 members


     •     Community Outreach

     ‣     Contributions and services to local organizations

     •     Youth Outreach

     ‣     Annual Scholarship Program

     ‣     Christmas toys and clothing

     •     Senior Outreach

     ‣     Nursing home visits

     ‣     Gifts to nursing home residents

     ‣     Christmas baskets for those in need

     •     Fund Raisers

     ‣      Luncheons

     ‣     Fashion Shows

     ‣     Theater Parties


     •     Todd-Phillips Home for Boys

     •     Cyprian Center

     •     Detroit Police Athletic League

     •     Lula Belle Steward Center

     •     Neighborhood Service Organization


     •     Memphis, Tennessee

     •     Baltimore, Maryland

     •     Detroit, Michigan

     •     Atlanta, Georgia

     •     Miami, Florida

     •     St. Louis, Missouri

     •     Nassau, Bahamas

     •     Columbus, Georgia


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The Detroit Chapter was installed as part of an international network of chapters in November of 1967.  We presently function with a roster of twelve dedicated members.  Two charter members, Ruby Cole and Charlie Reed, are still serving this organization after more than 40 years of service.

Our local chapter continues this spirit of dedication.  We develop and promote opportunities for the welfare and education of the underserved in our community through philanthropic and charitable services.  

We partner with businesses, individuals, community based organizations, and churches.  We also encourage and maintain corporate sponsor relationships.

Since its inception, this chapter through benefit drives and donations, has contributed to various charities within Detroit, Michigan and our surrounding communities.

Through cooperative partnerships within our various communities, each chapter of JUGS International, Inc. has had a tremendous impact upon the lives of individuals in those communities.

The Detroit Chapter of JUGS International, Inc. will continue to support worthy organizations and individual donors whose primary focus is that of serving children in need.  This, we believe, is the true spirit of Detroit!

“The True Spirit of Detroit”

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